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Scholar-in-Residence Program

Rabbi Dr. Jason Weiner, BCC, serves as the Senior Rabbi and Director of the Spiritual Care Department at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, where he is responsible for the chaplaincy team and all aspects of spiritual care.

Rabbi David Stav

Rabbi David Stav is Chief Rabbi of the City of Shoham & Chairman of the Tzohar organization – the largest rabbinic group of the Modern Orthodox (Dati Leumi) community in Israel. Rav Stav is a graduate of Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav and is an ordained judge by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

Under Rav Stav’s courageous leadership, Tzohar has emerged as a dominant social force, paving the way for a more ethical, inclusive and inspiring approach to Zionist, Jewish life in Israel.


Rabbi Joey Rosenfeld LCSW



Rabbi Joey Rosenfeld LCSW, is a practicing psychotherapist in the addiction field focusing on the interface between philosophy, spirituality, and psychology. He is currently working on a monograph entitled Fragmented Origins: The Kabbalistic Thought of Rabbi Shlomo Elyashiv. Several years ago, with a limited live audience in St. Louis, Rav Joey decided to seek his audience online. His first series was on the Sefer Reish Millin, written by Rav Kook when he was stuck in exile in World War One.

Rav Joey’s podcasts and video recordings on works of Jewish philosophy, Kabbalah and the inner workings of the human soul have been watched and listened to by thousands around the world and he has a dedicated following of students from the entire spectrum of the Jewish community.

Rabbi Judah Dardik

While last year’s visit got postponed due to scheduling conflicts, we are looking forward to welcoming Rabbi Dardik back to his Beth Jacob home and learning from his vibrant Torah and deep wisdom as well as for the opportunity to reconnect with our mentor and friend.

Rabbi Dardik serves as the Sgan Rosh Yeshiva at Yeshivat Orayta, a gap year program for young men in the Old City of Jerusalem, and is recognized in Israel and throughout North America as an insightful scholar and sought-after



Yehuda Solomon and Moshav Band


Yehuda Solomon was born into a family, community and heritage that was centered around music as a way of livelihood and spiritual expression. As the lead singer, songwriter and founder of the acclaimed Jewish band Moshav, Yehuda tours across the United States and the world performing for Jewish communities and students including those in South Africa, Australia, South America, Israel and Europe. Most recently, Moshav has released their eleventh studio album, “Shabbat Vol 2”.

Yehuda’s eclectic music–always with a positive message–and his spiritually moving, Carlebach-influenced davening inspires and uplifts all those who come into contact with it. Yehuda resides in Los Angeles with his wife Naomi and their three children.

Thu, May 6 2021 24 Iyyar 5781