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Oakland Eruv


The Oakland Eruv

After almost twenty years of work and planning, we are proud to have created the Oakland Eruv, which surrounds a number of neighborhoods around Beth Jacob. 

The Eruv is under Rabbi Albert's oversight, and is approved by our Halachic Advisor Rabbi Chaim (Howard) Jachter.

An Eruv is a symbolic boundary that permits observant Jews to carry certain items and push strollers on Shabbat - since the area within its boundaries is considered a single unified domain. (Many items are not permitted to be carried on Shabbat even within an Eruv. They are deemed "Muktzeh" without permitted uses on Shabbat. Examples include umbrellas and electronics.)

The Oakland Eruv will be checked on a weekly basis. To confirm that it has been checked and is "up" for Shabbat, please see the weekly announcements. If you are a visitor, feel free to call the office (510-482-1147) to find out whether it is "up" on Fridays.

Please see the Eruv map below, the boundaries are color coded:

  • Red: the street is outside of the Eruv
  • Yellow: only part of the street is in the Eruv (click the boundary section for more details)
  • Green: the entire street may be walked on, unless noted otherwise.



Sun, June 13 2021 3 Tammuz 5781