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Gan Mah Tov

Welcome to Gan Mah Tov, a Hebrew-focused Jewish Preschool in Oakland

Mah Tov means 'How Good.' The phrase comes from the Jewish prayer Hinei Mah Tov and reflects our roots in Judaism and our sense of gratitude, community, and connection.

Gan Mah Tov provides a nurturing educational environment for infants through children aged 5. 

Through play and hands-on learning experiences, we ignite curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, and a passion for our Jewish heritage.

Our experienced teachers create engaging and stimulating environments, encouraging children to ask questions, explore their surroundings, and develop a love of learning.

Gan Mah Tov is affiliated with Beth Jacob Congregation, a modern orthodox community that believes in the importance of creating a diverse and inclusive community where families of all Jewish backgrounds feel welcome.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family into our community!

Registration is still open for our 2024-25 school year!

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Why Join Gan Mah Tov

Immersive Jewish Education

Warm and Inclusive Environment

Focus on Hebrew Learning and Connection to Israel

Play-based Approach

Strong Community

Infant Program 

From Our Parents

"Thank you to the whole Gan Mah Tov team, especially the amazing teachers! You are not just educators; you genuinely care about our kids’ well-being and development. My children look forward to preschool every day, and beyond having fun, they are learning valuable skills like sharing, empathy, and problem-solving." – Lisa Kurtz

“I cannot thank you enough for providing my child with such a warm and safe environment. Throughout the year, I have seen my child blossom. She comes home proud of her artwork, excited to tell me about her friends, singing songs about Shabbat and the holidays, and using Hebrew words in daily conversation. Gan Mah Tov is so much more than just a preschool – it’s a place where lifelong learning, love of Judaism, and friendships begin. Thank you!" – Leah Roush

"At Gan Mah Tov, we value the engaging curriculum and the nurturing environment that greets our kids every day. The positive, safe, and fun atmosphere fosters a love for Jewish values and traditions. With Banot Sherut on staff,  their bond with Judaism, the land of Israel, and the Hebrew language starts from an early age. Our children come home with big smiles, intellectually stimulated and excited about their rich heritage. It's everything we could wish for in a Jewish daycare.” – Rafi Shorser

"I’m so grateful to the whole Gan Mah Tov staff! The sense of community among parents and teachers is wonderful. It feels like we're all part of a supportive network, working together to care for our children and ensure they are taught about our Jewish heritage. From the values of tzedakah (charity), Hesed (kindness), and derech eretz (respect) to the melodies of Shabbat, the stories of the Torah, and the beauty of Israel, our kids are gaining a love of learning and a love of Am Yisrael. Thank you!" – Toby Kahan

Fri, July 12 2024 6 Tammuz 5784