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Rav Shua brick


Shabbat Youth Activities 

9:45-11:15 Shabbat Groups

We will be meeting in Rav Shua's backyard for Bridge K-3rd Grade. 4th-8th graders are still invited to supervised games in the Upstairs Social Hall. We will also have Tot Shabbat in the outdoor space between the Gan and the Brick House.

Masks are mandatory for all participants at children's events, regardless of vaccination status, except while eating. All group leaders and staff members are vaccinated. Snacks and kids' kiddush will be the only exception. All food and snacks will take place outdoors.

Introducing our new 39 Melachot Project

Every week, in groups for kids and after mincha Shabbat afternoon for adults, we will learn with Rav Shua about one of the 39 Melachot, the categories of creative activities that we avoid on Shabbat. This week is the second in the series of Melachot that are the necessary steps involved in making bread.  

2- Choresh - Plowing 
Defined as either digging in the ground or enhancing the soil more generally for vegetation, precedent for this creative work is found in the practice of growing materials for dyes used in the Mishkan. 

  • 3 - Kotzer - Harvesting

    Kotzer is defined as separating vegetation from its source of nutrients. Precedent for this creative work is found in the practice of growing materials for dyes used in the Mishkan. 

Yasher Koach to Akiva Naiman and NCSY for this life-changing summer trip to Israel for 29 teens and to Eleeza Joselewitz for sharing her experience with the J:

Tani and Alyssa Polansky

Introducing our New Northern California NCSY Leadership: Tani and Alyssa Polansky

Tani Polansky grew up in Long Island, NY and Israel. He is a Yeshiva University graduate with a masters in Psychology and is currently completing rabbinical school.

Tani is also a professional musician and recording artist and will be releasing his debut album, "TeFEELah" this summer. He is super passionate about teaching Torah and Judaism, music, and meditation. 

You can check out Tani's music and videos here. For the past five years, Tani has volunteered for Southern, New England and West Coast NCSY regions. 

Alyssa split her time growing up between Chicago, Illinois and Jerusalem, Israel. She has experience working with youth and teaching children with special needs. Alyssa's many interests include travel, reading, writing, psychology, painting, and art.

Thu, October 28 2021 22 Cheshvan 5782