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Rav Shua brick


Introducing New Children's Davening alongside Tot Shabbat!

This Shabbat, for Parshat Zachor, we're inviting our young ones to join us in our outdoor sanctuary at the Rosses for the 11AM Zachor Reading. This will be followed by Tot Shabbat led by Meira Albert on the front lawn, while Rav Shua will lead a Children's davening for 1-4th graders on the driveway. In this new Shul setting, we will need parents to stick with the participating children. Masks for all aged 2+. Please sign up here

NCSY Youth Events

Trivia App (grades 6-12): Download NCSY's newest app and play to win! Jewish Trivia every day, with daily prizes - and some hilarious Jewish entertainment as well!

Grades 6-12: Do you have a birthday? Me too! Send us your birthday and our teen board will send you a birthday card - and swag!

Grades 9-12: We may not be at Starbucks, but we do give out Starbucks gift cards! Join Latte N Learn every Monday from 9:00 - 9:30 PM, and discuss questions like: is it a mitzvah to vote? What happens after we die? And more!

Grades 9-12: Interested in going to Israel this summer? (Covid pending). Check out all the trips we have at and

Grades 3-8: Check out our amazing summer camp, at our brand new campus!

Thu, March 4 2021 20 Adar 5781